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Calico Critters Secret Forest Falls

Calico Critters Secret Forest Falls

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Products: Calico Critters Secret Forest Falls

Size: 44.2 x 35.1 x 14.2 cm

Material: PVC/PS/TPE/Nylon/Polyester etc.


  • The secret forest is full of exciting things, such as a large waterfall that you can slide down, a castle with hidden treasure chests, a tree house, and an adventure boat!
  • Let's go on an adventure to the secret forest to find treasures!
  • Comes with a baby husky wearing adventure clothes.
  • Equip your doll with life jackets, lanterns, flags, fishing rods, exploration hats, and more and set out on an adventure!
  • First, find the key to the treasure chest! Look for bucket lifts, ivy ropeways, treehouses, large waterfalls, the cave behind the waterfall, small secret spots, Battan Bridge, and more!
  • Turn the floor of the castle and a treasure chest will appear! Open it with the key and take out the treasure.
  • My baby husky's name is Linnea.

*Due to different measurement methods, the actual measurement may vary between a normal range of 1 to 3 cm

*Actual product, size and color may differ due to lighting, display screen, photography style and other factors. The display picture and size are for reference only. 

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