About Kouhigh Toys

We search the globe for the world's best Collective, Fun Blind boxes and Figures.

We select the hottest, trendiest and most valuable collections that one step delivery to you!

Kouhigh Toys are more than a toy store, It is a place where you begin your own journey and write your own story.

Meet us @ KouhighToys 7815 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038

So what is blind box?

Blind box is like a bag of cheetos. You never know what shape you are going to get.

Lol! It actually means you don't know which specific design from a series of toy figures you might get before open the box. Blind boxes are sealed mysteries, even to us.

Unknown surprises are waiting for you!

FYI, All our selected collections come with one to two hidden styles, and all of our hidden styles have limited production runs, and the values might be your chance of becoming a billionaire 🤑