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Blizoo LouLou Piggy Cat Series #2 Blind Box Figure

Blizoo LouLou Piggy Cat Series #2 Blind Box Figure

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Products: Blizoo Piggy Cat Series #2 Blind Box Figure

Size: Height about  7.5cm

Material: PVC/ABS

Series Include: 6 Regular Style +1 Chaser


"Lou Lou, the OG cat GIF emoji icon from China, became a sensational meme over Chinese social media for years. Despite leaving us five years ago due to myocarditis, Lou Lou's spirit hasn’t fade away yet. 

To commemorate Lou Lou and the warm fuzzy cuteness it has brought, the Brand and Loulou’s owner are launching the Lou Lou series blind box based on Loulou's iconic memes. These collections honors Lou Lou's playful essence, offering comfort to those who cherish and miss him.

*Due to different measurement methods, the actual measurement may vary between a normal range of 1 to 3 cm

*Actual product, size and color may differ due to lighting, display screen, photography style and other factors. The display picture and size are for reference only. 

Game rules

1. Hidden Style: A certain chance to win a secret edition among the series (also refer as special, hidden or super Hidden). 

2. If there is a secret figure in the box, one basic figure might be replaced randomly.

3. The whole set contains 6 blind boxes (w/ NO repetition)

If you buy a whole box and get a repeated figure, please contact us and we will take the repeated one back and resend the missing regular one.

4. Single box: One figure per blind box

No one knows what is inside the box before it is opened.

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