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【KUJI】Lulu The Piggy's Adventures Time: Ichiban Koi Kuji

【KUJI】Lulu The Piggy's Adventures Time: Ichiban Koi Kuji

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Name: Lulu The Piggy's Adventures Time: Ichiban Koi Kuji 

Prizes lineup:

2 * A Prize – Sunflower pillow
2 * B Prize – Neck pillow (all 2 types are random)
4 * C Prize – Phone holder (all 2 types are randomized)
4 * D Prize – Car parking number plate (all 2 types are randomized)
6 * E Prize – Car aroma diffuser (all 3 types are randomized)
14 * F Prize – Seat belt sheath (all 2 types are randomized) All 2 types are random)
22 * G Prize – Travel-style pendant
26 * H Prize – Travel-themed waterproof sticker (all 8 types are random)

❗️1 * Last Prize – Car storage box

Progress Poster Will Be Updated Every Day at 12:30 PM PST

Prize Reveal Video Will Be Upload After 12:30 PM PST the Next Business Day Once the Order is Placed :

Please be aware that if you place your Kuji Order on Friday, your prize will be revealed on the following Monday (dates may vary due to holidays); the progress sheet may be updated during weekdays due to in-store activities. 

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