Public Relation Specialist

Public Relation Specialist 

Job Duties: 

  1. Conduct overall planning of company annual activities, and the timeline and content of each activity. 
  2. Schedule events, programs, and activities. 
  3. Arrange public appearances for senior managers to increase brand awareness. 
  4. Explore collaboration opportunities with new and old suppliers to advertise and sell their products on Kouhigh Website and App. 
  5. Assist marketing professional to visualize brand image to maintain favorable public perception of Kouhigh’s accomplishments, agenda, and social responsibilities. 
  6. Formulate budget and plan to hire internet celebrities to promote Kouhigh and the products sold on Kouhigh Website and App. 
  7. Track and analyze KPI (Key Perform Indicators) including the number of orders, post views, and clicks with product information links. 
  8. Compiling, categorizing, calculating, auditing, and verifying information and data. 
  9. Confer with other company staffs to identify trends, consumer interests, and concerns. 
  10. Coordinate and arrange company events to promote brand awareness and foster new partnerships. 
  11. Analyze consumer opinions on social media, respond to concerns, questions, and comments. 
  12. Make recommendations of new promotions channels that will more effectively reach potential vendors and consumers. 
  13. Establish and maintain cooperative relationship with press, vendors, and manufacturers. 


  1. Having the knowledge of media production, communication and dissemination. 
  2. Having the knowledge of principles and methods of showing, promoting, and selling products and services. 
  3. Being able to communicate effectively in writing as appropriate for the needs of the Kouhigh customers and clients. 
  4. Being able to understand the implications of new information for problem-solving and decision making. 
  5. Experience with Adobe Suites, Google Analytics and Google Ads 
  6. Be familiar with Asian and U.S. market 
  7. Mater Degree in Public Relations/Marketing with at least 1 year working experience or Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations/Marketing with at least 2 and half years’ experience in related field. 

Kouhigh Inc., an international trade company, offers customers collectible toys and Asian snacks. Kouhigh has USA prime store and marketplace. Merchants are located in China, Japan, South Korea and the United States. The platform established in 2018 and is a TOYS STATION for USA users. Also, it has an online community, in which users can communicate and do social networking. Kouhigh selects the best quality and hottest collectible toys and blind box, Asian food, instant fast food, Japanese and Korean beauty makeup.

Full Time. $ 61,651/year.

Benefits: 401(k), Dental Insurance, Health Insurance, and Paid Time Off.

Please contact Meiyu Zhang, Supply Chain Manager, at +1 (626) 988-7227 or email at if interested in the position.

Send resume 

Attn: HR, Kouhigh INC.

Jobsite: 7815 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046