Kouhigh Toys Christmas Gift Guide

Kouhigh Toys Christmas Gift Guide

Merry Christmas

Let's pick a gift for you and your loved ones!

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No.1: Molly Ballet Dancer Action Figure (Ball Jointed Doll)

The ballerina Molly is prepping for the big show on Christmas even. Can't wait to see her performance. 


No.2: Rico Happy Winter Days Series Blind Box 

Rico and her friends are having a Christmas party. Do you wanna build a snow Bombom with them? 



No.3: Happy Bombom Christmas Tree Plushie (Preordering Now)

Where is Bombom? Rico can't find her dog Bombom after the party, have you seen him?   


No.4:  Yoki Christmas Series Blind Box

Lol, Look! Yoki is the white elephant in the room! 



No. 5: Skullpanda Mare of Animals Cup Set (To Be Restocked)

Now you can have your Christmas hot chocolate or eggnog with a sip of elegance. 



No.6: Snoopy Chill at Home Series Blind Box

No Christmas plan? No worries, just chill at home and have some personal time with Snoopy and Woodstock. 


No.7: Harry Potter Sorcerer’s Stone Series Blind Box

Let's get a cloak of invisibility for Christmas just like Harry!



No.8: zZton Cat & Bunny Car Air Freshener

Let's make your “sleigh” crozier by infuse it with the smell of peach oolong!


No.9: Labubu Aripods 3 Case

Doll up your 3C products for the holiday vibe! 


No.10: Kouhigh Toys Gift Cards

Still deciding? Unsure about what your loved ones like? No worries, get them a kouhigh gift card and let them choose!

No.11: Kouhigh's Choice: Christmas Bundle

Looking for a gift set? Check out Kouhigh Toys' bundle of the month! We also provide gift wrapping services for Christmas themed products!

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